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Car Cooler

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Bright Sunlight

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Bright sunlight in the middle of a dark night

It burns and churns silent, dormant

It waits for the other, another?

It’s too soon to tell.

If the big bang started this fire no one ever would have noticed,

It happens on a daily basis in these parts

Tumultuous terrors invading the tiny tubes of life

Pumping excitement to all the wrong places

It’s confusing really, and slightly uncomfortable


This is the way it was, wasn’t, and always is

It’s impossible to tell what day and second may have passed

(If that was even a day)

The calendar runs on memories and sentiment

A far cry from the nine to five


Memory’s rule this barren land

And they span for weeks

They agitate like splitting

And spit on fires meant to be whole


Homeostasis is under fire

And camouflage can no longer hide the weakest

This is a desert

A minefield

A battering ram

And a threat to the living


It seems that the last living souls have taken control of this area

Sitting content, satisfied with their doings

The mere thought of them is a catastrophe

They burn bridges, homes, and extinguish the light

Tonight is darker than usual

The candle is gone and the sunlight fleeting

Put down and out by another nightmare

Someone’s nightmare

Somewhere out there

Kerosene dreams are shaded

While the night keeps quiet

The Pills On The Table Are Binding

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The pills on the table are binding

Ever present, ever necessary

They keep the pain away

They keep the mind from the pain

If these two never meet

You are obsolete

Funny isn’t it?

You prey on the host

An infection on a grand scale

A blemish on the everything

Who is to say you should stay?

Who is to say that you’re not the blemish?

My witty little cancerous friend

What a help you’ve been

What a great relief you’ve turned out to be

A side note

A note that shouldn’t have been sent

Never opened nor received

Just burned

Not you of course

Burned in the sense of silence

Silenced in the sense of anonymous muting

A whole cluster muted

Imagine the relief to know that nothing is wrong

Imagine the redirected anger

Imagine the wholeness

There is such a place where this exist

(please find it)

Find it before they find you

Everyone is a spokesperson

Always there to keep conversation going

Let’s make sure it’s in the right direction

Falling back is an unintentional suicide

Along A Roadside

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Along a roadside,

Once grew a flower whose beauty cast a shadow unparalleled by sight or feeling

It stood tall and undaunted by the winds

The warmth it projected shown brightest in the night,

But its words were absent,

Obscured in illusion

A shade had been drawn,

Its power compromised

Replaced was the light

In this shade the flower stood,



But as the shade stayed,

The flowers limbs grew weak and weary

Its core,

(now hallowed)

Lived inside as its limbs began to wither away

Winter had blanketed the road

Debris pelted


Wishing for a fresh light,

It went into hibernation

And for every passing it stood dormant,

Life wilted and thoughts diminished.


The Fuzzies

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Just like Krazy Kat humping ee cumming’s leg

I was pressured

The full spectrummmmmisunderstood

But once was not

Somewhere it was not…

Beyond the mirage

The heat lines weighing down

I waited for dark

I waited for the creature’s shift

The fuzzies were gone

Replaced by someone’s nightmare

I confided in them

Told them things they

Already knew

‘That’s why we wait til’ dark’

They explained

I felt at ease

Knowing that they hid away

Waiting til’

It passed

I know all things must pass…

I’ve been told.

Do they pass

Faster in the dark

Run Down

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Run down, rugged out like he’s always been

Always been someone to take it to the floor

Always had a floor to take it to

Always needed that floor to keep his balance

Always cursed his balance

Always balanced his curses

Always sharing his evil

Always eventually falling

Falling back to the floor like he always has

The spot’s dented with shoulders

Weighed down like a drop

Drop, balance, drop

Balance has nothing to do with it

It’s thrown down, tossed around like his family

Pushed into corners and erased

Always eventually erased

Always erasing the things that give him balance


Now the floor won’t embrace his shoulders

Their weight is too


The floor’s balance has been shifted

“It’s not my floor anymore!”

And it’s true

Always been there

Always had to be

Always never wanted to be

But was

But not anymore